End the Cycle of Youth Homelessness - NYS Ride 8/3/15 0 8/10/15

Coalition for Homeless Youth's Cycle to End Youth Homelessness!

End the Cycle of Youth Homelessness Ride


The Coalition for Homeless Youth and other advocacy groups have been successful in restoring $2.18 million dollars to New York State funding to programs housing homeless youth that has been lost over the past 7 years. To bring attention to the needs of Homeless Youth and to help the Coalition for Homeless Youth to continue our advocacy work, the CHY is supporting a bicycle ride across NY from Lake Erie to Manhattan.

This is the first year of our “End the CYCLE of youth homelessness” campaign. This year it will be a solo ride by Roger Williams, a member of the CHY board, and the Division Director of Shelter Services and Supportive Housing at Children’s Village in Dobbs Ferry NY. We would like him to stop at our member agencies and County Youth Bureaus along the route (roughly along NY route 17 to Beacon NY and route 9 to Manhattan) ending at Covenant House on the West Side).


Estimated Route with all ride days will begin at 8am:

August 3rd               The ride begins; Barcelona Café Lake Erie

                                    First Day ends in Olean (85 miles)

August 4th               Day 2 ends in Elmira (109 miles)

August 5th               Day 3 ends in Binghamton (67 miles)

August 6th               Day 4 ends in Liberty (92 miles)

August 7th               Day 5 ends in Poughkeepsie (51.5 miles… over the Shwangunks! )

August 8th               Day 6 ends in Valhalla (58 miles)

August 9th               Day 7 ENDS IN MANHATTAN (28.8 miles)