NYC Department of Homeless Services Reduces Barriers (Turn Aways) at DHS Drop-In Centers

DHS Reduces Drop-In Barriers

DHS-funded drop-ins are no longer to turn away individuals with a recent shelter history (or "base shelter").   This is a major tangible shift that will give many young people an option not to have to sleep on the concrete!

"Effective immediately, please be advised that there is no front door requirement to screen out clients who have shelter stays within the last months.  DHS (Department of Homeless Services) Drop-In Centers will accept all clients who present to their facility if they are brought in by an outreach team or arrive as a walk-in, regardless of their shelter history.

Drop-In Centers are a safety net program for clients who do not want to use the traditional shelter system.  Drop-In Centers offer concrete services for clients such as food and showers and provide case management for clients wiht the goal of connecting them to permanent housing."