Together we can
end youth

in New York

Using our collective voice to promote the safety, health, and future of unhoused youth in New York State


  • Contribute to vibrant and focused advocacy aiming to end youth homelessness in NY
  • Support youth with lived experience who are shaping the movement with paid internships and employment opportunities
  • Ensure youth leaders have a safe and welcoming space to meet and organize

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Recent CHY Achievements

RHY Providers received web-based trainings
Added in NYS RHY Funding
Masks and other PPE collected and distributed to NYC-based programs

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Make a Donation In-Kind

As an advocacy organization that does not provide direct services to youth, we don’t have a need for clothing or other in-kind donations. However, we encourage you to reach out to a youth program near you. You can find the youth shelter closest to you HERE.

Jamie Powlovich

Executive Director, She/Her

Maddox Guerilla

Community Coordinator, They/Them

Lex Perez

Digital Advocacy Fellow, He/Him

Skye Adrian

Peer Navigation Program Manager, He/Him

About CHY

The Coalition for Homeless Youth is a consortium of over 60 agencies working to improve the lives of runaway, homeless and street-involved youth across New York State. We work to recognize and uphold the plight of homelessness among young people across ethnicities, genders and orientations.

Let’s get social

MEDIA ALERT! In 1989, New York City declared itself a sanctuary city — a place where undocumented immigrants seeking asylum are safe from immediate deportation. But making sanctuary real is tougher than just passing a law. In this special report from The Laura Flanders Show and The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies, meet some of the volunteers and local nonprofits providing shelter, legal protection and support to refugees – including the Coalition for Homeless Youth - Training, Empowerment, Advocacy! Watch the full episode here: #immigration #aylumseekers #migrants #refugees #migrantcrisis #newyorkcity #newyorkers #SanctuaryCity #shelter #RightToShelter #mutualaid #latinamerica #lgbtqrights #CUNY #endyouthhomelessness #Rhy #homelessyouth #unaccompaniedyouth ... See MoreSee Less
We are honored to be a part of this piece! Tune in if you can.NYC has received over 100,000 undocumented immigrants seeking asylum so far this year. Meet the volunteers and nonprofits providing shelter, legal protection and support to refugees in this special episode co-produced by The CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies. Watch The Laura Flanders Show today at 11:30a ET..The City University of New York Safe Passage Project Artists Athletes Activists Coalition for Homeless Youth - Training, Empowerment, Advocacy The Door - A Center of Alternatives ... See MoreSee Less

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